Biongevity in every form.

Innovative approach and technological precision for your best longevity journey experience.

AI Enhanced healthcare: Biongevity ELR

Seamless AI and IoT support for patients healthspan and longevity.

BioELR is a cutting-edge patient health record system. It optimizes and enhances healthcare experience through sophisticated AI and IoT integrations.

BioELR bring longevity practice to a new level with unique module for proactive health management.

Longevity Module Benefits:

ELR APP: Longevity on the palm of your hand

Your personalized insights with a click of a button.

ELR App provides personal health support through every moment of life.

AI-integrated monitoring allows for the early detection of signs and symptoms for a variety of conditions. This allows for addressing potential issues and preventing further health complications.

Improve your healthspan with Precision Age

Precision Age, an AI based engine behind your tailored longevity journey. Precise and innovative technology for your precision care.

Precision Age is lying at the heart of Biongevity program aiding patients and healthcare professionals in the longevity journey.

Functional Age

Evaluate daily physical performance to gauge functional age, considering mobility, flexibility, and overall vitality for improvement.

Hormonal Age

Assess hormonal balance to gauge endocrine health, revealing imbalances and optimizing hormones for improved well-being.

Genomic Age

Examine genetic blueprint with genomic age, analyzing DNA for aging markers, offering insights for personalized health.

Cognitive Age

Assess cognitive age, evaluating memory, mental agility, and overall function to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Fitness Age

Assess cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health with fitness age, shaping routines for optimal heart health and performance.

Epigenetic Age

Explore aging at the molecular level with epigenetic age, examining DNA modifications influencing gene expression.

Anatomical Age

Evaluate anatomical age, considering bone density, joint health, and overall structure to inform targeted lifestyle choices.

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